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Best Mind Forward is the personal site of Calvin Iwema. Best Mind Forward is dedicated to the exploration and facilitation of human evolution, primarily as it pertains to psychology, philosophy and increasing one’s personal power.

About the Book

Do you have an inkling that there is more to your life than you have been told? Well, that inkling is correct. Are you living your life to serve your true self, or are you happy jolting through life like a poorly programmed robot? A robot programmed to “fit in,” forgo its potential, and collect attaboy participation prizes. The Path to Personal Power will force you to face the quirks, mistakes and lies that comprise your human nature. Instead of sheepishly apologizing for it, you will develop the awareness and skills to overcome your human flaws and not be duped by those trying to exploit them.

The Path to Personal Power is for those who want to live life more fully, who want to wake up and grab life by the horns. It lifts the veil and provides a new perspective on the Game of Life that helps you to bend the odds back in your favor—instead of being a victim on the sidelines. The Path synthesizes psychology, philosophy and aspects of Zen to show you how you unknowingly trip yourself up and how to get out of your own way. The Path provides a balanced approach to mastery, from personal power and working well with (not for!) others, to overcoming your psychological potholes and waking up spiritually.

The Path contains the whats, whys and hows that will allow you to achieve escape velocity and break free from the
gravitational pull of the average.

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  • Success Robot

    The Success Robot Experiment will increase your awareness and help you to accomplish more in your life. It contains an awareness component and a behavior component. Remember that real results and understanding only come from actually doing the experiment, not from reading. You will be best served if you get a journal and write down your thoughts and progress.

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BIO Calvin Iwema

Calvin is an executive coach, therapist, and author. He is the author of The Path to Personal Power: A Guide to Self-Mastery and the co-author of Energized Hypnosis, both books about personal transformation.

Where it all began

“There are people who have a subtle inner feeling that nags at them, telling them that there is more to be had out of themselves and their lives then they have been told…and that subtle voice is correct. Many people are searching because they feel like they aren’t living their life true to themselves. They aren’t sure what they want to be doing or if it will work out. Relationships are a challenge. Can they be their true, unedited selves and let go of the weight and pressure of living for someone else?

The Path to Personal Power is laid out for those of you who want to live life more fully, who want to wake up and grab life by the horns. Do you want to see behind the veil so you can understand the secrets of human nature and the game of life, and bend the odds back to your favor instead of being unwitting victims?

It is possible to step past what is socially-acceptable and “guaranteed” – step past living a life centered solely on pleasing others and promising to hurt nobody’s feelings. Step past a life stuck between fears of abandonment and failure and not living up to your true potential. Step past the beliefs, concepts and rules that others live by, the same people who have told you that playing small and playing to not-lose is somehow virtuous.

I know that it is possible because I too at one time felt this way and started searching for the path, for a process that I could use myself that was free from dogma and belief systems. I didn’t want to join a club or cult, I wanted tools and repeatable methods that I could apply.”

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